A lot of us go around acting like we know everything there is to know about love. Like we know what we want. Like we know what’s right. How to trust someone. How to be trustworthy. But I’d like to propose that we don’t. I don’t think anyone knows how to be rightfully loved.

Nobody knows the secret. Nobody holds the key. And everything you hear on the radio about love is wrong. Very, very wrong.

I want to encourage all of the brokenhearted out there to course a new and authentic path towards love. Stop listening to the experts. Stop reading those silly blogs. Definitely don’t follow the directions of any of those scummy pickup artists.

Most of my life I pursued love like it was a game of chess. I somehow believed that I had to out-smart someone. I had to force them to surrender. And it was exhausting. Especially my last few relationships. During that time I struggled a lot with my identity and self-worth. And I did a lot of things I wasn’t proud of.

There came a point where I had to sort these things out or I was going to go insane. Thankfully I had my guitar. And as my romantic relationships fell apart, my fingers gripped those strings even tighter.

The Severance EP is the end result of that therapeutic process, between myself and my guitar. That was when I learned something crucial about love.

Love isn’t everything. It’s not what these jaded popstars tell you it is. Love isn’t for the careless and it’s not for the heartless.

I decided to unlock this painful artifact from my past because I believe the way we talk about love needs to change. If you are patient with me, I hope you come to understand how much better love can be when we stop thinking about it in such contrived ways. I want you to learn what I did, hopefully without making the same mistakes.

I want to fix love. Starting with myself. And then, with you.